After Caregiving

How do you find your footing after years caring for your loved one?

The day after your loved one passes what do you do first?

These is the question that only you can answer (whenever you are ready to). You cannot accept that some else make those choices on your behalf. Years ago, when I lost my mother (I was 26 years old) my older sister could not slept in the house, leaving me by myself with her dog, I woke up the next morning had a cup of coffee walk the dog and went on a practical mode, I packed all my mother belongs and call the salvation army to came to pick up. By the time my sister came back everything was set and resolved, I did not had formulated a plan.

The question is what you want to do with the time suddenly open on your life. Make short term plans, like not have dog (s) for a while, ( no numbers) slowly finding out more about yourself, reinvent and remember what your likes and dislikes are, remember who you are, grieve, get upset, cry when you fell you need to, reach out to others, many people lose their loved ones also, remember you are not alone, other went through the loss.

My point is, its fine not always have the answers, they will come over time, do not put pressure on a very stressful situation, do what’s right for you.