Ageism and Work-Forced

Our blog is designed to inform our readers, not only do we talk about several studies related to Alzheimer’s and other subjects as well as we talk about ageism in the workforce. To read another important input related to that head over Click the link to read more about the differences between losing jobs before 50 years old, and younger employees. While long-term unemployment among all Americans remains historically high(37.4%), it’s higher still for those aged 55 and over, at almost 50%.

Head over to our site Health Care Recruiting Company | Blog – Yonkers, NY | Health Care New York on April/2020our blog name is Aging. we already had written about, discrimination, how many of us feel on the daily basis. I go through that myself where I have to “redefine” my career because I am not young anymore. Is interesting to see how people react to explain why they need to have a younger person to take care of their aging loved one and what I tell them is a younger person is more likely to want to work in a medical facility, not with an older person.