Mental Health

More than 23 million adults Americans, close to 10 percent, have limiting mental functioning, including learning and intellectual disabilities and Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of Dementia.
Some are young or middle aged but most of the nearly eight million people with with Dementia are older adults. Many will be effectively disenfranchised.

Misunderstanding about cognitive decline does not disqualifies you from voting (which we address in the previous blog) I probably have mention that I used have a neighbor who’s brother at aged 45 as diagnose with Alzheimer’s, and his doctors told him that he more likely has being dialing with offset signs from the his last ten years. If an individual does not get test soon as possible, therefore the diagnose become old people disease. Offset of mental health is quick clear to spat, however no one wants to address the situation, for fear and wanted to distress the family member and loved one.