Alzheimer’s and Aging

Last week I talked about keeping yourself busy. It was a glimpse of myself. Like many other women, I  juggle many different hats. However, I want to express that since I turned 50, I heard my boss’s friends tell her that from now on, she needs to pay attention to my aging.
I will start easy, and won’t go down the age discrimination issue. I will stick with the Alzheimer’s issue.
Alzheimer’s isn’t an old age issue; it’s an issue period. Alzheimer’s is growing and maybe undiagnosed from some patients, which is why I stress and urge all of you people to listen to my experience.
Another note of my personal observations is it won’t be a surprise for me, if the so-called generation X will be the most ones with mental health issues, in my opinion, there isn’t much learning and more repetition.
Make’s me wonder that those on any age who copy these new generations may be signing up for an unwanted diagnose of Alzheimer’s, and that is a big concern. You can’t reverse Alzheimer’s damage.