Cancer Survivor and Exercise Go a Long Way

When the horrible diagnosis is confirmed and the doctor actually tells you that you indeed have breast cancer, many things go through your mind and your head spins. How is this possible as you look to your breast and ask yourself. Why? Why you? And how your kids and extended family will handle it.

The most important thing is to ask all the questions and follow your oncologist care plan and you probably think that your doctor went bananas when suggesting that you should exercise.

You are just out from radiation treatment and recovering from reconstructive surgery and the doctor tells you to start exercising. The truth is that by advising you to exercise the whole idea is to help you to regain everything the diagnosis almost took from you – there are your body’s strength and balance.

There is a very interesting article in the Hadassah Magazine about a cancer survivor that tells us her battle with cancer and how physical exercise assisted her.
I believe in exercise to keep one in healthy body weight, mentally sharp, and mood control, as well to prevention from getting sick.