Concerns About Whom Would Help You Take Care of Your Financial, When You May Not be Able To.

I am not married nor I have children. As I am aging, I am having many concerns about housing, financial, career and everything in between. I just learn that I am a solo ager, which pretty much describes what I already explained, not marry, no children, I also don't have a great relationship with my siblings, and that makes me concern rise ups. Who will protect her Finances is an article that I read from AARP December 2019/ January 2020.

When you like me and have no trust in your family, you should ask your doctor, banker, or anyone who you may feel comfortable with. There is a lot to learn, search to ask and don't let solo ager title scary you or shy away from your goals. And one should also the extent that to its personal belongs, and bank accounts, medical information.