Conspiracy theory, a dispute among landlord and tenant, or bad blood between neighbors? What actually happened?

Today as I was coming down from visiting a client (I was in the elevator) I said hello to whoever was inside the elevator and as the woman said hello back, she mentions that she is not certain if she should have said hello to me because she didn’t know if I was in their side. Or I was a friendly person without any intentions what’s so ever.

She then proceeded to tell me that she had several times caught the building staff listening behind her door, slid treat, and mistreatment towards her and some other terrible things. She also advised me to no tell anyone that I am an immigrant because American people do not like immigrants.

And these elevator rides were the longest in my whole life. Are people losing touch with reality or all does things really took placed, is this person sane?

Did the professionals always acting in a professional like manner? Or are there slip ups and from time to time is does get personal?

As I am writing I can see myself dwelling on everything she has told me. Am I struggling to see what is crystal clear?