Covid 19 Lessons

What we have learn from Covid-19 pandemic, first family matters mote than we realize, many of us zoom and face time more than we thought was possible; second the adage ‘ age is just a number’ has a new meaning, experience has a new word for; third we befriend technology, and there is no going back, zoom meting and TeleHealth are here to stay; fourth papering is healthy self-care its a-okay, bubble bath or skin care its a-okay; fifty work is anywhere now a shift that bodes well for older Americans; sixty have a stash ready for the next crisis; seventh we will gather again but very carefully; eighth our trust on one another has frayed, but it can be slowly restore; ninth loneliness hurts health more than we thought; tenth when your world gets small, nature lets you live large; eleventh we have unleashed a revolution in medicine; twelfth for some, hard times bring opportunity.

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