Everyone Should Vote

Nowadays, everything is highly charged and politicized. However, this blog is far from that, and its indented it to shred a lite for those that are now dealing with any mental health issues.

I came across an article about mechanical engineering born 99 years ago in Siberia, who always thought vote is the highest honor a citizen can give to its country.

Although he suffers from Dementia, he has the right to vote. A family member in case of those who are still living home or a home health care aides if that’s not the case, they can assist the mental health challenge individual in being accomplished that.

Incapacity to follow a recipe and cook dinner doesn’t mean incapacity to vote. If you have a family member living at home or in a medical facility and they express interested in voting, you should help them.

Nytimes.com Having Dementia Doesn’t mean you can’t vote.