Fight and Hope for Alzheimers

We spoke about her journey on December/6/2019, she has Alzheimer’s disease running in her family. Her prognosis was to be diagnose, have offset of Alzheimer’s by the age of 40. On November/10/2020 in her early 70s she past away without Alzheimer’s but melanoma.

A year ago a came across the story of a colombian woman, most of her female family members has being diagnose with Alzheimer’s, but not her for almost 30 years she has agreed to be follow by scientists in Colombia to try to find out why and how she has being “safe” from display signs of Alzheimer’s.

Now that she past away her brain will be study and a through investigation about the whys and hows to be explain. Its an amazing discovery if those scientist will be able to unlocked the secret.
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