Home Care and Beyond

When I started working in the healthcare field in 2005, I had no experience and certainly wasn’t prepared for the home nurse position I was hired for. I had never heard or known about living in or the meaning of 24/7 work. So as I was by my patient’s bedside, we were talking about next week’s doctor’s appointments. I had just brought in her lunch in a tray, so I set the tray down to rise the hospital bed so she could eat. A little background on her, she was bed-bound, has been in remission several times from cancers treatments that did not work for her, had several mental diagnoses and lately had been diagnosed with Dementia, by then her many doctors were doing house calls.

I really wasn’t aware of her capabilities. As I set the tray in her lap, she grabbed the fork and tried to stab me. If I was quick and at least aware of my surroundings, she would have stabbed me on my neck. Needless to say, that shocked me. I then spoke with her ex-husband, who advised me to change, utensils, glasses, and everything that presented a danger to plastic.

A person who has an episode the Dementia can become unstoppable, strong, and even dangerous to themselves. After that, every time I send out our support medical staff to our clients who have been dealing with mental health issues, I advise them to my story. I don’t want anyone to get hurt, not my clients or patients, their loved ones, or my staff. I don’t have to relive the day again.

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