Home Health Care Aides

To be a home health care aide, there is no need to have a degree of any kind, most of H.H.A or home attended and the Patient Care Aide or companion are middle age women or men, who never went to school and that considered themselves as an important part and front liner of the healthcare business. Salary is $10,91 between 5-9 years of experience and 10-19 years of experience the salary rises to $11.07 at best.

What really gets to me is besides not had a college degree, whatever you do deserves the respect like anyone would give to a college grad. When I used to work as hhc, I change the name for home-nurse, I started working with some else whom had many mental and physical challenges from the patient’s side. I on the other hand was trained as I was going along by the client who was a former nurse and her ex-husband.

I am not talking about get high paid for being train I mean the lack of respect from the ambient towards the medical professional.

Home health care aides, deal with many things such as personal hygiene and change diapers, prepare meals and takes care of all day living plus medical needs escort to appointments.

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