It’s Crazy

One Summer morning, my patient and I came to blows, was not the first time, neither it was the least; this time was like always related to a corn that the patient’s foot and I for the last 2 years have been expressing my concern. My patient is a quadriplegic, therefore things like that are important since the quadriplegic does not fell or can prevent things from happening or could later become a bigger problem.

And these person is a mastermind in mind games, manipulations, and lies. And that’s why I am trying to make sense of all. It’s crazy how much lies and manipulation the person tells and applies. And that’s why many of us who live with a person like that kind second guest their own rational thoughts.

My patient is nothing short from be compare by me as Dirty John; there were a lot of lies, manipulation, mary go around, badmouthing, and so on. So when you try to tell some else about what you go through on a daily basis, no one would believe because they act so nice, and yet the character is beyond flaw. They actually go above and beyond to destroy you any way they can, including and not limited to trying to destroy your self steam.