License practical nurse or license vocational nurse ( are the same, some states refer to them differently) work under the supervision of a nurse, at these level of the medical field you have basically two choices of employment, you either work in a medical facility such as home health care settings or a hospital and the other choice you have is work with a home health care agency and provide care to a client in their own home.

Because you must go to school your level to responsibility bigger in an overall picture, you are one step ahead of a CNA, companion care or PCAs and home attendants.

I may be bias to these cases because I did work as a cna for many years and when I did have the financial means to move on up and became an LPN.

I am afraid of the labeling, the lack of sympathy for the millions of hard working hhc, or maybe I am just plain afraid.

LPN’s salary is $20.76, more education better the salary and options, fair, absolute; however still the home health care aides are the person whom is under rated. How can we change that?