Last week I spoke about Medicare, this week is Medicaid. Medicaid is governing by States and is a social service program designate to assisted families and individuals who lives below the poverty line and or qualify and depends on annual income.

Each state regulates Medicaid at its own discretion, and just in case you would like to use your NY state Medicaid in another State or vise-versa you need to re-apply, below you will find the chart.

Family size annual income with some conditions such as Blind, disable and 65+:

  1. $ 10.100,00
  2. $ 14.800,00
  3. $ 17.020,00

Singles, couples without children:

  1. $ 16.754,00
  2. $ 22.715,00
  3. $ 28.677,00

Often is Medicare vs Medicaid, so in any case this is an information that I felt compel to share, any more question we can research and answer for you, please give us a call 1-855-29WORKS. You always can find using our website or at our social media pages; or twitter and Instagram @hhcagency2011.