Mismatched Goals or Just Stubbornness

Stubborn is more likely if your loved one has no balance and has been falling three or more times each or every other week; I am sorry to say that you are stubborn.

Life, as we know, is a balanced act. However, if a family member doesn't step in and take away the car keys, make the doctors, hairdresser or barber and call in the plumber for appointments, there is no balance. For some, there may be a feeling of you are crossing the line. I would risk asking for forgiveness than permission, as no one wants loose what they call freedom; not myself either. However, I need to outsmart the situation: drive and hurt myself or someone else, or rely on public transportation? Go to a grocery store or fresh-direct? As we age, your groceries are no longer easy to get as they were when you were younger.

A study with 189 older adults and their aging parents find that 77% of the children from the older adults say they have seen stubbornness from their loved ones. Two-thirds of those parents admit being stubborn.
Think Your Aging Parents Are Stubborn? ‘Blame Mismatched Goals’ says the Nytimes.