Money Saving Tips

Every year A. A.R.P. publishes 99 ways to help you save money; every year, I write about the ones that interest me, I first try and test the sites myself so I can give you the step-by-step on how to use them. the amtrack offers discounts for passengers who travel later in the evening. car rental basically works like any car rental. works as a car rental like any other. when you are driving the family on vacation search this site for restaurants along the way. offers a free car battery check for A.A.R.P. members (this service is available to house calls. Go to triple a’s site and watch the YouTube video)

Exxon offers better gas prices. All you have to do is link your A.A.R.P member. it’s a site for buying and selling furniture. also is furniture and some. is household items, cars, and some.

If you are interested in going to college, call or contact your community and four-year colleges to see if they offer special programs or free and or reduced tuition for older students. Also, ask about auditing classes for free

Is the Congress library and allows you to use and search 20.000 titles for free site is user friendly