Seniors and Technology

Internet, cell phones, apple phones, blue tooth and everything in between, and the latest is the senior apps.  There are 10 applications dedicated to assisting seniors.

I will first explore the first five and the second blog will be the other five.

First app: Epicurious; is a food-related recipe app with 35,000 recipes cooking videos, and seasonal ingredients.

Second app: Locus Map; this app is for hiking and navigation, is available by paid and free, it wasn’t made for seniors it has started to catch on with the third age folks.

Third app: Can I Retire Yet? Personal finance expert Darrow Kirkpatrick helps users track their progress toward retirement.

Fourth app: Luminosity; staying mentally sharp. Do I need to say more? And last but not least;

Fifth app: Homeaway; the popular app for vacation booking, which is similar to AirBnB.

I personally haven’t download any of these apps, and I confess, I am an old school body and love be home and use my landline and make the booking and appointments I need, and when I am done I print the confirmation.