Should you or Shouldn’t you disclose a disability to your employer

Just read an article in the New York Times about how or when to disclose a disability to your employer or co-worker. When I first started working with my last client, before leaving for school and beginning to work on my own business, I did tell my patient that I sometimes would forget things. Right then and there I signed my death sentence.

The client calls her friends to tell them that I had mental health issues as well as a learning disability. I have never in my life had those diagnoses. However, it was easy for her to label me as one. Her mom even mentions to me that I had Bipolar disorder. A disorder that I have known because I had worked with a client who had the diagnoses. And thanks to that client I had to participate in her psychiatric sections, which helped me in understanding how to better help her.

Mental health disabilities and chronic pain are known to be an invisible disability, physical disability is known to be visible. I just learn.

Because I did had that bad experienced I would say don’t say about your disability, however, I also do understand that would be easy to assist you to perform your best if your boss has the knowledge about what makes you tick. One thing that personally bothers me is enough already of having the conversation, let’s work on it.

It does not matter if you do not have a disability or not, we always will have some else trying to make us feel bad about ourselves. The power is within us to not allow that to happen.