The Cost of Professionals you Need

I always recommended that if you want to divorce your spouse, you look for a lawyer, if you have either an adult child who is special needs or an ailing old adult, you need a professional non-skilled medical professional. The non-skilled means that they are there to escort, medication reminders, wake in the middle of the night, change diapers, assist with bathroom, bathing, and dressing your loved one. It does not mean we are stupid, and incapable to check vital signs, calling for 911, or a family member, one very important and often times discount as not important is notice sudden changes that can be rising to concern.
I consult, therefore when I speak with the family member soliciting my services, when a person tells me that their loved one wants to go out, and have a bit for eat and don’t disclose that the person receiving the care is a fall risk, has development disability, I won’t know he needs an expert. Full disclosure, the more skill the candidate is able to hone throughout their caregiver’s career the more expensive it will get.
There has to be a balance where you have a financial reward for the money you expended in learning the skills you need to stay afloat in the job market. I have resurfaced these subjects from an old blog.