The Differences Between Nursing Homes and Group Homes

Each state has a version of a nursing home and group home, here I am showing some of the differences between them. Many of us think that nursing homes are for seniors that can’t afford to be left alone (no family, mental health issues, lack of income counts against the senior) in their own homes, which sometimes may be the case. Nursing homes also offer other services such as skilled nursing, rehabilitation, and long-term care.

Services included in the nursing home facilities physical mental and psychosocial well-being of each resident. There is no exhaustive list of services a nursing facility must provide, in those unique resident needs, the facility must provide the required services so to resident can reach the highest level of well-being, to services are stabled in the individual’s plan of care.

Nursing homes also has a slightly variation in names because the meanings most of skilled-nursing facility, care homes, long term care homes also indicate their status as private or public and whether they mostly provide assisted living, or nursing care and emergency medical care.

Nursing facilities in New York since January/2022 need to have daily staffing equals to 3.5 hours of care per resident per day by a certified nurse’s aide (CNA) or a licensed nurse or a registered nurse with at least 2.2 hours of care per day.

A group home, congregate living facility, care home adult family home, etc. It is a structured and supervised residence model that provides assisted living and medical care for those with complex health issues.

In the group homes it’s generally one staff member per every eight residents, some states are one staff member for every five residents. Most group homes have a strong pipeline from families who have a loved one with developmental disabilities where they can live without living in assistance.

The group home in New York state is also seem as independent living from your family when you have a child that has development disability and or special needs.

All what its boiled down is where you can have the best services for your needs? Is there In New York state a group home that will tailor their services to your needs? Or will the nursing home change?

Often people complain about how isolated they are and forget they fell in a nursing facility because they need either occupational or physical therapies If your insurance allowed you to have a professional to your home would be even better however you have to mind that your have to rearrange your schedule, and no complaints regarding that though.

Some physical therapists make house calls and if they don’t belong to the insurance network you may still have a chance to be reimbursed by the service provider.

Whatever your choices, make them wisely, gather as much information as possible nursing home, group home or house calls. Value your time.