The Person Behind the Alzheimer’s

I would like to welcome you to my website and blog, today I am writing about the person behind the Alzheimer’s disease.

The challenges caring for an Alzheimer’s patient are tremendous, you are also caring for family and friends, often I saw myself going against the family to protect the client. Family and friends have a very difficult time accepting that Alzheimer’s patient is a new person. I personally never like to force a memory on my former clients.  Being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s to me means that you must start from scratch and uncover the person that is being hidden underneath by the Alzheimer’s, learning everything you can about that person.

Besides everyday medical needs such as diaper changes, hand feeding, and escort to doctor’s appointments, a constant remainder of home, family members, friends as well as likes and dislikes there is also the need to build trust and understanding. Alzheimer’s is a loss of one’s family member and a friend, as well one’s whole life. Often when the diagnoses are revealed it means the disease is already in progress. Now a days there are several medications and activities to slow down the disease’s progression. Your family member is no longer the same person nor can they play the same role in the family dynamic. He or she is rewriting an old, yet new, story.

I did enjoy hearing their stories, whether their recollection was accurate or not.

Rachel Nobre,

Worked as a private nurse for clients who suffer from Alzheimer’s


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