The Science of Life is Science

Renown and acclaimed retiree actor Alan Alda is trying to say so. After being diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, he is podcasting Clear + Vivid, a very important conversation.

Science. Science defines our lives, our bodies, our mental and physical health. For a police officer is evidence; for a doctor is DNA; for a layperson, it runs in the family.

By opening up the conversation to make reachable, science will become more approachable.

Alan Alda and doctors alike want that families be around the diner table and talk about science. Everything can be explained with scientific proved and trace.

It’s not an easy job. However, it has to be done, and some have to start.

His passion transforms, and he now shares with anyone that listens to. Read to complete article on and to listen to the podcast Clear + Vivid head to