There is No Way to Determinate Age

In the UK, a 34 years old man passes on from Dementia, and doctors believe that he is the youngest person in the UK to have and pass on the disease. His dad passed away 25 years ago from Dementia, the family decided to save a DNA sample, and when he was sent to test and compare with him, it was determined that he inherited the disease from his father.

The gentleman left behind a wife and twin who also has Dementia gens. What really was a surprise for me was he learned that he was suffering from the disease because he had shown signs of depression.

I myself had a neighbor whose brother was diagnosed with Dementia when he was 45 years old, then in 2007, and the doctor honestly believed that he probably was having symptoms at least ten years prior.

For those who believe that Alzheimer’s/ Dementia is an old people’s disease, I am sorry to say, but you are wrong. Diseases do not target anyone because they’re aged. It’s well known that many older adults struggle with Alzheimer’s or Dementia, and also we have witnessed seniors living well into their triple-digit ages without any signs of mental decline.

For me, the real question here is what causes the disease to manifest very early for some and for others comes later or does not manifest at all. And in some cases, how can we prevent when you are on the other side, and the disease does not run in your family’s DNA.