Two Sides of a Troubling Situation

On the one side, we have people thinking that after 50 years old, you should be put to pasture. I see employers think that it is cheaper to hire younger employees. It’s not. It’s very difficult to connect with younger employees; their interests, emotions, and financial resources are limited and restricted compared to older adults. As a veteran in life, my counter partners and I have a better understanding of our emotions and surroundings; we are better prepared.

And the second point is we spent millions every year. Americans 50 and older are fueling America’s economic engine. The financial muscle of people over 50 is growing. Spoiler alert: it’s time to pay attention to that fact.

A “senior” American spent $0.33 of a dollar in 2018, and by 2030, we will spend $0.66 of a dollar, not to mention jobs we hold.