Understanding Medicare Mechanism

Medicare is pay by you on your very first on the books job, it’s a medical insurance offer by the government, it comes, deduct from your paycheck, monthly and most companies offers a third-party insurance coverage, so when you are an active duty employee you used your company’s health, insurance.

When you retire Medicare kicks in and them you make choice to keep or not your company’s third-party health insurance or pay out of pocket, to cover whatever Medicare does not cover, the famously 20%.

Medicare offers doctors, hospitals and medical supplies or equipment, upon your coverage.

Medicare it only be used when you retire, many retire folks does not have a secondary coverage and decide to pay out of pocket. It’s worth it.

7 Ways Medicare is Getting Better

  1. Doughnut Hole
  2. Therapy cap gone
  3. Better information
  4. More telemedicine
  5. Potential life-style support
  6. In-home help
  7. Plan test-drives