Who Helps our Doctors with their Mental Health Issues?

How often we all fantasize and even glamorize a doctor’s life, however, how many of us think doctors, our beloved doctors, may have a dark secret and or are overworked, or underpaid, and could be strangling to make their ends meet or suffering from mental health issues?

Does anyone realize that many doctors start their day by 3 am, where there is a need to perform surgery, by 6 am giving rounds in the hospitals and visiting their patients, by 17 pm maybe eating lunch, and by 12 am going home to start a few short hours later? Who assists the doctor in recovering and or talks to them when a patient passes on? There should be an easy situation, life takes a turn to the worst. Who is there for them with their difficulties?

Nowadays everyone is bound to deal with a mental health crisis Doctors are the same as any person, alone dealing with their own feelings. How do you help a doctor with their own health crisis? Where should begin, how do we make sure that doctors seek help as they prescribe it to us?

Here is my question: would you recommend a good psychiatrist for your doctor?