Working with the unpredictable

Sometimes when we work with clients on a private setting the best way to prepare yourself is prepare for the unpredictable of any situations. I used to work with a client whom not only did not knew what priority were as well would not put the cell phone or phone down.  The patron wanted to check the phone every would ring or in the cell case make a noise, on the account could be important.

So, a task that should last may be an hour would stretch the whole morning. And one day when I finally asked what the priorities where? It did not surprise me at all that I could not had an answer. Not only that, when the “statements” a.k.a. complains used to come around and I asked who you would like me to perform these or that I never received an answer.

I everything could and did change in a second, once when the client an I was ready to leave and the go out, the client decide to do the pills, yeah you hear right pocketbook, sun glasses, lipstick everything, all was missing was us (the client and I) cross the trash hold, lock the front door and make our way to the elevators.

Used to as I am to deal with the unpredictable without complains from my end, we set the pills for the week, setting us back another half an hour.

That’s life when you work with the unexpecting of one’s lack of goals set.



Worked as a private home-nurse for 15 years.