You Should Not be Embarrassed, Ashamed or Afraid

When you are the primary caregiver of your loved one, like a spouse taking care of a spouse, being scared to look for outside help is just plain crazy.

If you feel that some else is judging, from afar because you are “unprepared“ to take on more than you bargained for; it’s because that person has never had to walk in your shoes.

Everyone thinks that being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s/ Dementia is memory loss. There is a truth to that, however, for some the memory loss is much faster than for others. For some family that means that their loved one may be physically lost; like they opened the door and are heading to where they think home is. When a patient does this they become what is called a patient with mental health issues and is a runner.

Oftentimes when we sign a client up that has mental health issues, we try to send out two aides to assist and serve the client better. One aide is cooking the other interacting with the client.

Any time that you need help, help is available to you. You can call and set up an interview by calling 855-299-6757. We are here to guide you.