African-Americans and Alzheimers

More families are dealing with Alzheimer/Dementia then we think. One of our blogs relates to Alzheimer/Dementia in women. Now we’ll discuss Alzheimer/Dementia in African-Americans communities. We find that the number of African-American who has Alzheimers/Dementia are higher than we ever thought. African-Americans has higher changes and percentages of suffers with Alzheimer/Dementia.

This disease has been tearing families and individuals and the fight that doctors are offering is not being able to catch up with the demand, and truth to be told, it never crosses my mind the African-American population is the most vulnerable ones.
Lesson learn like any disease or diagnostics these disease does not discriminate nor pick or choose. I learn that from an article I read from Oprah Magazine July/August. The Alzheimer’s Epidemic No One Is Talking About.
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