Reasons to Exercise

I will share with you 10 reasons why it’s important to remain healthy. A twenty minutes walk benefit is as follows.

Reason one: Keep weight off, your metabolic balance;
Reason two: Strength your balance and prevent falls, stimulates your strength;
Reason three: Better mind, diminishes depression, anxiety, and stress;
Reason four: Strength your spine, fight back pain;
Reason five: Better bones, fights osteoporosis by stimulating your bones;
Reason six: Strength your legs muscle, by walking you strength the body’s long muscles;
Reason seven: Better G.I. track by walking you reduce constipation;
Reason eight: Better your lungs, by stretch your lungs with air by exhaling and inhaling;
Reason nine: Better circulation, how the blood is distributed to the body and prevent swelling;
Reason ten: Better heart by training your heart to pump and therefore keep your heart clean.

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