Building a Health Team

When working with a client/patient the health care worker must overcome the many barriers that clients may build. In case the client only needs companionship care many times the family may “impose” on making decisions and call all the shots. I can understand the sense of urgency the situation may have however, the most important part is including the senior family member in the decision-making process. When that isn’t an option, try a videotape and or have a POA (power of attorney) sign.

No one appreciates having a stranger in their house telling them what to do, and secondly, that imposition can cause friction and propel the client to build a wall of resistance and not accept the help they sometimes desperately need.

My suggestion would be for patients to be prepared to make a convincing argument about their physical and medical needs at the point and time when there is no family member with full-time availability to take charge of their care needs.

Always make an effort to include others, talk about and share your plans with all of the family that wants to be included, and include home healthcare aides with your ideas. Its important to build a team not walls.