Home Care Agencies

Many problems have been identified and are on the rise regarding home care agencies, in New York City there is a flood of immigrants trying to start their lives. What really means is the system must absorb them and at the same time show that the taxpayers aren’t paying the bill.

Neither the government is footing the bill they are redirecting the immigrants to the healthcare industry, more specifically to homecare so it can show that the immigrants are self-sufficient, making their way through.

I have seen an increase in homecare givers that say that they are in line to have their work permit with the government or that they just move to the US. I think that everyone needs to work and start their lives as best as they can, however, the issue is that most of them don’t speak any English, and I don’t believe they have been properly trained for the job.

I have several clients who send them home because of poor communication skills and trained; I had an agency employee tell my client to ask me if I could show their aide what to do?

Something that is really a big concern to me is that because of the demand of seniors who need and want to remain in their homes, agencies are cashing in. Agencies are setting a minimum of 8 hours per visit; clients are forced to have someone in their own homes because the flexibility is no longer there.