Moving Around Safely in your Home

There will always be concerns about how you walk around, especially when you are home, all you need to do is be honest with yourself and them request a home evaluation. Those are some well-known standards of care; few are my personal experiences. 


We put together a list to help you even further:

  1. Ask for help when you need to get up from your chair or bed or when doing activities, you know you cannot do it alone.
  2. Sit at the edge of the bed before standing to help from feeling dizzy.
  3. Do not rush. Be sure to take your time when moving around. Use a walker or cane as recommended by your doctor if you are unsteady on your feet.
  4. Wear shoes that have non-slip soles. Avoid wearing just socks.
  5. Install handrails in your bathroom and non-slip strips or a rubber mat in your bathroom.
  6. Remove clutter. Don’t leave any clothes, magazines, bags, or objects lying around on the floor. Be sure cords/wires are out of walking areas.
  7. Remove or secure any loose rugs or mats.
  8. Be sure rooms, hallways and staircases are well lit. Use nightlights.
  9. Install grab bars in the hallways.
  10. Use rise toilet seats. It helps when you have a hard time bend to reach the toilet.
  11. If you have a tv set on your living room and like to watch your shows in there consider buying a lazy chair with remote control where you can rise and lower to your needs.
  12. Use a shower chair or bench to shower.
  13. Have a chair in your room so you can dress there.
  14. Make appointments after lunch, sometimes that also makes a difference