I have tinnitus, for me started mid to end of 2018 Summer, I used to hear a chirping sound, that I thought was from a garage back them I used to live in an apartment house on the 31ft floor I even asked if my former roommate could hear it, and she said no. Later, September/2022 I watched Dr. Sanjay Gupta special on “Havana Syndrome” where it was discussing that hearing loss leads to lack of balance (I had couple falls) and Dementia.

I was impressed with the special and touch me as a wakeup call, so I went to the audiologist to have my hearings tested. And there I found out that the chirping sound is Tinnitus.

My prognoses were good, no hearing loss, and the doctor gave the choice of sound therapy, which I decided against. I also wanted to mention I have no other symptoms other than chirping. I am still sleeping well.

My Tinnitus was inflicting upon myself by myself, I was going through some depression and to not hear my thoughts, I blasted my earbuds to the maximum. And now I do regret that.

Now that I am aging my concerns are hearing loss and my balance as well as the older, I get Dementia might be on my future and I am scared about that.

The more hearing loss you may be affected by the more your brain will overcompensate and so all I must do is planned checkups.

I am talking about Tinnitus because I read my AARP magazine from September/2023 has an amazing and informative article about Tinnitus. Head to AARP.org/ magazine, there is also American Tinnitus Association where the volunteers will help find a specialist.