Nurses Roles has Being Changing

Americans are aging with that the role nurses used to fill now has change, forcing nurses to expanding their role.

The number of nurses that being visiting patients/clients at their homes has being increased, the goal now days is to deliver a high quality services, when a client and or patient needs assistant the primary medical staff to be deploy is a nurse with a range of duties, included but no limited to medication change and or adjust as well educated the patient and their loved ones, best choices and care plan.

Today is all about empower the nurses with tools and training they need to help patients, despite challenges the nurses are embracing new diversities all an all nurses are being train to became an advocated for the patient/client.

The idea is to empower and assure that the nurse seeks to purse four year degree as should be standard and assist them to achieved the baccalaureate degree hopefully by 2020. Nurses should be introduce themselves as patient advocates.

Great article that can be found at the AARP bulletin of September/2019.