Protecting Mom and Pap

A few months ago, I wrote a blog about protecting your parents at home, things that you should do, replaced and removed to make sure accidents would be reduce to a bare minimum. Today I came to you to protect your parents from being rob.

Start by having the conversation request permission to have them give you a power of attorney, in case would make your parents uncomfortable and resist, you can asked to have their financial institution send you a copy of their account(s) statements.

Few steps to start:

  1. Protect their identity, by having their financial statements being mail to you, make sure there is no one open credit cards on their names, and freeze their credit;
  2. Safeguard their phones, there devices that has block and call ids, asked them to do not answer unknown numbers;
  3. Upgrade their tech, smart landlines, internet with password, help them manage their password.
  4. Became their advocate, check the credentials of your parents financial adviser by linked to