Women and the Workforce

When your loved one is diagnosed with a disease some will either volunteer or force to volunteer, when I said forced to volunteer I mean the circumstances will present themselves for that to happen. When my parents were alive, the circumstances always manage to find me, I was the go to person. That is also true for others.

When her mother is diagnose with Dementia, she became the primary caregiver, often times being a women we are caught on the guilt trip of am I a bad daughter for not take care of the woman who bear me? No you are not a bad daughter, some woman don't have what it takes to care for another loved one. Is a very stressful situation where your have to be a daughter, mother and caretaker sometimes at the same time, like the diagnose of mental health issue, wont have a cure, only a steady decline and the end.

Read more about the story of one particular woman, telling a hidden story behind many closed doors, she has a college degree, is 35 years old, and since her mother's diagnoses, went on a date 3 times. Nytimes.com Why Aren’t More women Working? They’re caring for Parents.