Safety At Home And Out

For the past ten years we have being seeing an increased-on Seniors scams. How can we be one step ahead of the game? Lately it is not only seniors, is everyone.

Scammers are out to prey on any one whom give than their time.

I learn few tricks am gladly will share with you.

1)I only open the door when I order take out or am expecting deliver, and when the deliver people came, I asked who it is;

2)I never disclosed on social media when I am traveling, I await to post after I came back. I also never disclosed pin-point precision location;

3) I text my relatives one by one where and when I am off traveling;

4) I only have one social media page wish is used to keep in touch with my family living abroad. Notice here that I do not mention location;

5) I don’t answer my phone call I let them go to voice message;

6) when I am driving and some else knocks at my window, I do not roll down and exposed myself, making myself vulnerable;

7) when I first start in 2005, I started off by being a 24/7 living in aide, my client who used to lose everything lost the key from the main door, we lived day and night without lock the door. I never disclosed that info until I went to jobs interviews;

8) Put a mat into the shower stall or tube, if you leave by yourself bring your phone with you;

9) Do not open your wallet on the street, do not give to people coming to you asking money on an organization behalf, usually an organization or any other group has a webpage design to donation collection.