Character Assassination

Many people believe, and freely use, the word “normal” to their standards. Not being “normal” does sometimes not comply with ones believes.

I have witnessed several occasions where many believed that I am not “normal”, the reasons vary, usually is related to my reaction, or lack thereof.

I am a very (proudly) calm and collected person, where often gets to annoy some to their core, expecting to attract a reaction or surprise me, which none holds true for me.

When the person came to terms that I am blank with no reaction or facial expression the labeling starts, I am not “normal”.

Usually, it starts with a normal person would or should say this or that or act these or that way. The lack of reaction that I bring is due my personality, I do not enjoy engagement at the level with no one. I don’t participate in confrontations or argumentations and rather defuse the situation I carefully have study myself, and the lack of reaction that so many claims, is because being there done that. And even at the first time around is my self-defense mechanism.