When a family is afflicted by a family member that has an addiction problem it can drive a family (not just parents and siblings) everyone is dragged into, grandparents, cousins, aunts, and uncles alike. It can become very emotional to everyone involved, and not to mention financial bankruptcy.

Many parents feel obligated to financially support their addict family member. For some families, treatments can start as $ 2.000,00 monthly to a six-figure expense. Some parents even paid off the child drug debt.

Some parents find support with groups from churches, some decide to no longer “panic” or act towards their own child until the addict decides to look for medical help. Instead of a quick solution.

Some decide to take baby steps, cutting out their child little by little, such as cutting off from the phone family plan and giving their kid a pay as you go phone (disposable).

Each person must come up with their own action plan, if you are a kind of doer and rather cut off ties faster than later, so be it.

Whatever works for you, do not give up, bear in mind that many families and thousands of American households have gone through, or are going through this now. Do not expect to be in and out in one year, I am sorry to say that is one day at a time, a long process, there are many failures throughout and there is always support groups, you are never alone.