Woman and Alzheimer’s

I just read another article at AARP magazine and AARP April/2020 bulletin about women’s and mental health issues, more specifically Alzheimer’s and Dementia. What is the connection? (Health care researchers) don’t have a clear answer yet.

Woman count as two-thirds of the diagnoses, AARP has posted a 30 days challenge to keep your brain health to accept the challenge, post your own health habits, highlights, and benefits- @hhcagency2011 at our social media pages (Facebook/ Twitter/ Instagram/ MySpace or G+).

I do have to say that I strongly believed that the disease is within all of us, just like cancer, some people may develop, some go to remission, and some don’t. Women make up two-thirds of nearly 6 million Americans living with Alzheimer’s. And women bear the heaviest burden when Dementia strikes.

Go to aarp.org/disruptdementia or www.StayingSharp.org.