Working Hard to Keep All the Same and All Together

As we make simple strides to keep together and all at the same, nothing may be the same after the summer of 2020. Coronavirus or Covid-19 will change us and will be remembered by what could, should, or would have being, a number of patients or health people that parish from the virus. We will remember the changes we had to face, as well as the ones we did not choose to do. Some of us will start to take all the shots and vaccines that may ever be.

I, for myself, have been an addict to washing my hands and still not touching mail or packages or my own groceries just yet. I wipe the cabinets after and before putting anything on top, I don’t keep plastic bags in any longer than I need to.
Even whats for me the hard thing ever, pet a dog when I am out. I can’t bring myself to do it just yet.

We will remember this Covid-19 as we remember now the Spanish-flu.