Are You Really Sure You Are Changing Your Client’s Life?

As I have mentioned before, I worked as an independent home-nurse for 13 years, and recently as I was talking with a friend of me, she says that I was changing my client’s life, and I was quick on my feet to state that none one is interested or has hired me to change their lives. I never felt like I changed anyone’s lives, I was hired to perform tasks and activities.
Here are few of my reasons : 1) none has the time anymore to help a loved one or a family member;2) stress with its own ongoing life;3) is cheaper to recruited hire an assisted a loved one at home to age in place; 4) it takes an emotional toll on everyone’s involved with the care; 5) if the loved one is diagnosed with mental health issues family members tend to live in denial about the diagnoses.
Back to my point I personally don’t believe on change one’s life, and besides all the changes you want to see start with yourself, in my opinion, every time you are hired to perform a task and believed that you are changing your client life I believe you are making a mistake.
I want to stress that I only am expressing my own opinion and I would like to hear if you may disagree or have a different point of view.

Rachel Nobre