Committing to the Unknown

From 2005, until up to very recently were I worked as a private home nurse, the so called one-on-one, directly with the clients in their own homes I basically committed to the unknown. I am not sure if everyone is having the same issues that I had, however I decided to tell my side of the story.

When we are hiring to work as… (you fill in the blank) we do not know what will happened, a friend once told me that I was changing my client’s life and I answer that I wasn’t there for that, no one wants make changes, no one wants a strange in their houses telling them what or not to do. And everyone knows that every change that I want to see in the planet begins with me.

I used to have a friend in the dog park who used to say that no one knows what happened behind closed doors, he could not be righter. When we closed the door and the one-on-one begins, often begins verbally abuse, bullying, high maintenance personality, high demand, lack of ethics, disrespected, withholding food, and not mention gossiping about us, our personal life or life style, naming calling , not to mention co-workers whom do not perform as high as you do, develop caddy behavior, complains about you and your performance, and its all-around mean, without working ethics at all.

So, when we agreed to work as a privately, we don’t really know what we will get. Whomever is your lucky, I wish you good luck, I know that sometimes does not look promising, but I urge you to think and consider be the better person, however does complains won’t stop after you leave, its always be whom they are.


Rachel Nobre

Former private home-nurse