Bed Side Matters

When a doctor came to a patient round and tell them(the patient) that he/she is very persuasive, and because that they gets everything they wants, (having me as a witnesses) is very disturbing, if you are a doctor and have been working in the hospital system for the last year you should known that be persuasive wont help when the institution hospital is short staff.

One, you have to count the holiday season, two you have to remember Coronavirus resurgence. Have a patient schedule physical or occupational therapies is just plain wrong. However if you recall well burnt out and short staffing and you pretentiously can to say you are very persistent you are also obnoxious to me.

The hospitals don’t necessary leaves on doctors, but they do live from the janitorial services, certify nurses aides, personal care aide’s, registered nurses, security guards, food industry services and last but not least doctors. So you may be the highest paid, but the lowest in the scale in the essential.
So have self control, and do have in mind about team work.