You Are Not a Doctor, Are You?

When did you become a doctor from the time you received your diagnoses to the minute that you were admitted to the hospital?
Know your body, symptoms, side effect, and being your own advocate for your health is one thing. Other is wide guess what doctors are thinking, why there is a request to go to the hospital, and why doctors aren’t telling everything.

If the doctors are telling everything, maybe there is nothing to tell. We all need to know our bodies, we need to know about medication or food allergies and reactions about everything, but from there to instantly become a doctor, I am sorry I don’t buy.

When you are hospitalized and later on admitted, you have to talk to the doctor and relate to them changes that happened in your routine. The simplest change can send your body into overdrive. I had a case that the client was a quadriplegic, and I want to address that issue. The thing is, the client was admitted because of pneumonia, not because the quadriplegic, been a quad advance everything but that at that point and time wasn’t the issue at hand. Being aware of your rights is also very important. However, not interfering with the diagnoses at hand and medical professionals’ work is also very important.