Caregiver or Caretaker

I consider myself a person whom cares, I took care of my grandma when she was diagnosed Alzheimer’s in 1982, years later I also took care of my mom when she with her divorce.

In 2000 I assisted my old brother with his needs. So, in 2005 when I had my cross-career path from nursery school teacher to patient care assistant I found out that I was in the right field.

I am a caregiver, I put other’s needs first.

Making arrangement and the let my clients know even that I am on my day off I am one phone call away if an emergency arise.

I am reliable, trustworthy and ready for the tick and thin of life. I win every single benefit from any client that I ever work.

And I feel that my attitude towards my work and job has paid me off, I am a very satisfy human being I achieved my goal professionally.

How about you, do you feel that you are happy professionally?