Mental Health Diagnosed and Undiagnosed

Do we always know when an individual is acting or is their mental health issues is there mental health diagnoses symptoms?

I consider myself very good on reading a body language and I by my own experienced determine that when one’s told the same story more them three times, I find to be true. For that there is no scientific knowledge.

I think that if someone is diagnosed with mental health and the family can help me and give me some insights about the client’s character, that gives back up information to assisted me on my day to day dealings.

I came to work with many clients were the family has very little interaction with them, making work more difficult, for that I need used my own skill to call the shots and keep an honest daily report about activities, reaction to my assistance and response to everyday tasks.

I am very intrigue by the brain and its functionality, therefore try crack the code is a good exercise for me.