Must be an aide Kindness

Another day as I was coming to visit one of HealthCareNewYork’s client, I came across the most beautiful scene. I saw an aide holding hands with her client. It could be one million reason for that action.

Few things that comes to mind is the client may have balance issues, they were late for an appointment and in need to walk fast, or could be he was a runner( sometimes when one works with clients that are suffering with Dementia, they may try to run away from the aide), could be because they need make a run for the bus. Another possible explanation is family orders.

I choose to think that the aide was giving her 10+ self, or using a different wording, personal touch.

When we start our classes on home health care, we talk about one’s hygiene, how to safely transfer and assisted any medical and all-day living needs that client may or may not need.

However never prize or reinforce on personal touch.

My congratulation for the aide, taking one steep to make some else’s life even better. What I regret is not take the time to congratulated her on her action.